Heated Eyelash Curler 睫毛捲翹器

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       Heated Eyelash Curler 睫毛捲翹器 TB0918
  • 雙層加熱絲,加強捲翹效果
  • 斜角式睫毛梳,方便梳理睫毛
  • 纖巧刷頭,細小睫毛輕鬆捲翹

  • Heated Eyelash Curler: The double-ended design makes a beautyiful eyelash
  • Smart Heating Brush: The crescent moon shape with grooves that fit lashes in between the strands to cover the whole lid edge from end to end.
  • Function Bevel Comb: The additional eyelash comb helps to separate the eyelash better.